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So I am back in Thies for like 2 days. Tomorrow, I go back to Mboro for Korite, which is the big party ending Ramadan. I bought fabric, and my host brother, who’s a tailor, made me an outfit. I will post a picture of myself looking AWESOME later.

So, I found out my site today!! The process was epic. Basically, in the back of the complex, there’s a basketball court. Painted on the court is a massive map of Senegal. Site announcements are done here. They blindfolded all of us, which was frightening. It was POURING rain, which made it even more epic. So we’re all standing around the perimeter of the basketball court. I am holding hands with the other Mboro people because I feel a little unbalanced. Nathan, who is the UAg trainer, grabs us one by one and takes us to our site. I am the last UAg to be placed, so I felt like I was standing by myself for a long time (it was probably 5 minutes though). Nathan grabs my arm and walks me around “Senegal”. I am bumping into people a bunch, and he leads me to this one area and stops me. He goes, “This is where you’re gonna be.”

A few minutes later, I hear this, “READY? 1! 2! 3! TAKE OFF YOUR BLINDFOLDS!” I take off my blindfold, look down, and find out my site.

I am in: SOKONE, which is in the FATICK region of Senegal. There are 14 regions in Senegal, and I am in Fatick (fuh-teek). It’s to the left of the Kaolack region and south of the Thies region. It’s super lush. Apparently there are mangrove and baobob trees everywhere. It’s a big tourist place, and there’s a lot of diversity there. Senegal is a Muslim country, but apparently Fatick has a lot of Catholics. Sokone has about 15,000 people. There are currently one SED and two AgFo volunteers there. I will be the only UAg. There is one other person from my stage going to Sokone. His name is Joey, and he’s super cool, which is exciting. I am just glad that I’m not all the way up by Mauritania, which apparently is a 2-day drive from Dakar. I am close to Dakar and Thies, and I am near a lot of people I have gotten super close with. What scares me though is that 60% of Sokone speaks Sereer and not Wolof. Only two people from my stage are learning Sereer, and I am near them in Fatick, but I am a little nervous. I am also confused why I am learning Wolof if only 20% of my town speaks it. I will figure it out though. I will adjust. That is what the PC is about. It’s why they picked me…my ability to adapt to my surroundings (I hope).

I will update again tomorrow. Tonight, I am going into Thies for a drink (or five) to celebrate site announcements.

    • Sca-rah
    • September 8th, 2010

    So exciting!! I have no idea where any of those places are but when I get home I will look at a map. You are in a big city and near other PC people so that is awesome! I can’t wait to visit you there. When do you find out where you will be staying (host family, apartment, etc)?

    What a cool way to find out. It does sound epic. So you were just all standing in the rain? So intense. You will have to give us a breakdown of how far of a bike ride you will be away from people. When do you go there again?

    So many questions cause I’m excited for you!

    • Lindsey
    • September 8th, 2010

    Exciting! I love your positive, adaptable attitude. Can’t wait to hear more about Sokone. When are you moving there? Do you have a set date yet?

    • The Amazon
    • September 10th, 2010

    Super exciting!!

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